Why Celebs Love Playing Bingo

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Bingo originated in Italy in the 1500s. Since then, its popularity has grown extensively worldwide and has caught the attention of many celebrities.

So let’s get to the good bit here’s the inside scoop on which celebs are playing bingo with Jackpotjoy and why they love it so much.

Why Celebs Love Bingo

Christiano Ronaldo

After moving from Lisbon to join the football team Manchester United in 2003, the player found his English needed extra work so that he could converse with the manager and team better. As a solution, Ronaldo turned to Bingo!

At the time, the 22-year-old was given a bingo DVD for Christmas to help the football player improve his language skills and better understand English expressions and phrases – all of which made Ronaldo appreciate the game of bingo even more.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Having played bingo throughout her childhood in Wales, Catherine has a nostalgic soft spot for the game that has carried on into adulthood.

There have been numerous reports that the A-lister likes to host home-based bingo parties for her friends and family. And in preparation for those bingo parties, Catherine buys new, unique bingo cards each year.

Besides reliving childhood memories, there is another reason why the A-lister pays homage to bingo often. That’s because she won £100,000 at a bingo event. With the money, Catherine’s parents used it to enrol her in dance classes such as ballet. Which no doubt helped to progress her career to what it is today.

Kate Moss

Model and socialite Kate in the 90s, was the it girl, a party animal, and enjoyed a rock and roll lifestyle.

But in recent years, Kate’s interests have reportedly changed and she chose to lean into family life and friendships by finding new, fun, healthy ways to have fun – one of the ways being bingo!

Because the game is quick and easy for all ages to learn and play, it’s great for families. Plus, the concentration needed at times to mark off the bingo numbers, means younger family members have to practise being quiet and patient. Making bingo the ideal game for successful moms juggling intense careers and taking care of their families.

Robbie Williams

In an ongoing bid to support charity, Robbie Williams has attended numerous bingo events in the US and UK, to raise funds.

Sources revealed Robbie was once accompanied by Dita Von Tease at a bingo breast cancer fundraising event in West Hollywood. The fun of the game and the power of bingo to bring in crowds to raise funds for good causes is what draws many a celeb in to play.

Sharon Osbourne

Spouse to famous rockstar Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon has earned fame in her own right by participating in the Osbourne show, being a music manager, and being a judge on the TV show X Factor.

With so many challenging roles to fulfil, Sharon has admitted she takes time to unwind by playing bingo online. Her fascination with the game has led her to star in bingo TV campaigns to promote the game.

Prince William

Royalty and heir to the throne, Prince William has admitted to previously spending his free time in a bingo hall near a military academy in Sandhurst (where he was training for military service).

According to The Sun, Prince William used to pay £5 for a book, and would enter under the name ‘William Henry‘. William didn’t win any prizes, but he didn’t mind. He said he just enjoys how playing bingo makes him feel – which is like a regular person.

The above celebs and more are wrapped up in the game of bingo. Whether throwing a bingo party fundraiser or learning English phrases from this loveable game. If you’d like to join in on the action, here are a few helpful tips to get you started.

Bingo is available to play online and in-person either on your own or in a group. The game is quick and easy to learn. You simply purchase a bingo card, or booklet before you play. The booklet contains lots of random numbers, which you will aim to check off during the game.

The more numbers you tick, the closer you are to winning the allocated prize.

In in-person bingo games, people need to listen attentively to the numbers being called out when the game starts. Then scan their sheet or booklet, and blot out all the relevant numbers.

Once you have succeeded in blotting out a row, or the whole sheet, you could be on to winning a prize. The bingo caller will often check the winners sheet to make sure the numbers called out match up with those on the bingo card.

Playing online bingo is similar to an in-person game. Except, players don’t need to listen attentively to and blot out their bingo card numbers quickly, as this can be automated online.

This allows you to rest in the knowledge that every correct number is being checked off, and you don’t miss out on any winnings.