Why do Celebrity Relationships Crash More Often ?

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A recent study shows that, of all the UK-based Marriage Foundation, about 40% of divorce rates within 10 years were from celebrities.

Also, the divorce rate for the period is around 30% in the United States and 20% in the United Kingdom. The Marriage Foundation has followed over 570 marriages of celebrity couples since 2000.

Despite the multitude of solace and benefits of riches and fame, these famous people’s divorce doubled the divorce rate of the United Kingdom populace.

5 Reasons Why Celebrity Marriages Fail

Certain reasons have constantly caused the relationship and marriage divorces of celebrities. Below are a few reasons for celebrity marriage and relation breakups:

It’s a known fact that celebrities are exposed to more cash than they ever had growing up. This made them acclimated to doing anything they desire, regardless of who it may hurt. Also, they get hit on more than a large portion of the population. They, without any doubt, think that it is easier for them to give up after a limited period because there will always be another person who will cherish them.

Absence of time together

Making movies and tour plans take celebrities within their countries as well as across the world. As anyone might expect, this can make it difficult for them to find time to focus on their relationships, which turns into an issue in a marriage.

Most often, films are not being shot where they reside, so these entertainers may be away for a long time – sometimes, a few months at a time. They are often in hotels during the filming process, which can also make it difficult to be that lonely.

While it is beneficial to have some time separated from your better half, it is also vital to regularly make time for each other, in order not to feel like strangers.

Easy to grow apart

One of the main reasons why there is a rapid separation of celebrity relationships is because the rules change. For instance, the lives of most married people are generally in the pattern. This is not mostly so with celebrities. Like lightning, a record or movie can change their lives.

Also, as awesome as those chances sound, it tends to be extremely unforgiving with a partner that didn’t plan to marry the hottest man alive. Bradley Cooper, as an example, did a piece on Sex and the City. Afterward, he was the star of “The Hangover”. All these drastically changed his life. If you are not growing together as a celebrity with your partner, you may begin to grow apart.

Big ego

Considering the needs of your significant other is an important element that makes a relationship grow stronger. This often lacks with many celebrity relationships. Most of these VIPs are accustomed to dwelling in too much ego as they are often at the center of attention.

It’s truly difficult when you have individuals with a big measure of influence, cash, fame, and high self-image – and you put the dual in a room.

VIPs who are accustomed to having everybody oblige them might be angry especially when their partners also demand attention. This might seem like an excessive amount of work when they can easily find other people who will not expect as much from them.


These relationships are one of a kind on account of lifestyle, fame, egos, as well as temptation. These qualities make it very easy for celebrities to seal nuptial deals and to break them, they move on when it is their careers is no longer benefiting in it, or when it’s no longer addressing their requirements, or invigorating.
Yes, allurement is all over the place. And these VIPs have a lot of options, people who are willing to be with them – love them and stroke their egos. Basically what their celebrity partners aren’t giving.


The divorce rate among celebrity couples across the world is alarming. Many of the things discussed above are often responsible for the separation. Apart from not having enough time to spend with their partners, most celebrities also have big egos. These only build weak relationships, even among regular couples. Finally, most celebrities have been accused of meddling with pornstars thereby causing their marriage or relationships to crash.

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