William H. Macy denies neighbor’s claim of tree cutting resulting in a $600k lawsuit

William H. Macy has denied allegations that he had his landscapers cut down his neighbor’s trees, leading to a $600k lawsuit. Macy claims that his neighbor Pierce Brown was negligent and reckless, and that the landscaping was necessary to prevent death or serious bodily injury. Macy is demanding that the case be dismissed with prejudice.

William H. Macy denies claims made by his neighbor Pierce Brown that he instructed his landscapers to cut down his trees, resulting in a $600k lawsuit, and instead accused Brown of being the one who was “careless, reckless, and negligent” in the matter.

William H. Macy is facing a $600k lawsuit after his neighbor Pierce Brown accused the actor’s landscapers of cutting down his trees. However, Macy has denied all allegations of wrongdoing in court documents obtained by the media. The actor appears not to dispute that landscaping was done, but claims it was a necessity to protect persons or chattel from injury or destruction. Macy has demanded that the case be dismissed entirely with prejudice.

According to the lawsuit, the trees were cut down past Brown’s property line, damaging his gate in the process. Brown claims that the alleged damage to the hillside destabilized it and seeks compensation for loss of privacy, noise, and emotional distress. Brown filed the lawsuit earlier this year, but the project in question occurred in December 2021.

In response, Macy’s team says Brown’s claims are baseless and that it was Brown who was careless, reckless, and negligent. Macy goes further, slamming Brown’s accusation that he “knowingly and intentionally” cut the trees past his property line. He maintains that the entire lawsuit should be dismissed due to the lack of merit.

The “Shameless” star’s stance sets the stage for a legal battle, with legal experts predicting that both sides could take months or even years to resolve the matter. This dispute between the neighboring parties is another reminder that small disagreements can spiral into a bigger issue, highlighting the importance of communication and dispute resolution in any community.

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