Woman reportedly has orgasm during Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra performance

A British composer, Magnus Fiennes, claimed that a woman audibly orgasm-ed during a Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra performance. However, one man disputed the claim and suggested that the woman may have had a medical emergency. Other concertgoers described hearing the woman climax during the concert, with one person describing it as an “expression of pure physical joy”.

A woman allegedly had an orgasm during a performance by the Los Angeles Philharmonic, although one man disputed the claim and suggested the woman had a medical emergency.

On Friday evening, the Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra played an unforgettable show for at least one audience member. According to composer Magnus Fiennes, who attended the concert, a woman in the audience had a loud and full body orgasm during Tchaikovsky’s 5th Symphony’s second movement. Fiennes tweeted about the incident, appreciating the orchestra’s and composer’s abilities to bring such pleasure to their audience.

However, another person disputed Fiennes’ account of events. He claimed that the woman had a breakdown of some sort, worrying those around her that it was a medical emergency. Despite the differences in opinion, Fiennes stood his ground, stating that he had analyzed all possible scenarios and that his observations were simply an expression of respect.

Other concertgoers also provided their recollections of the event, with many describing the woman’s frenzied response to the music. Although no one can know for sure what happened, some suggested a plausible explanation that the woman may have been startled awake from a nightmare.

The incident has gone viral, with an audio clip purporting to capture the woman’s moment of sheer ecstasy circulating on social media. While it may never be confirmed exactly what happened, the incident certainly left an impression on those in attendance, and the Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra will likely be remembered for a long time as a result.

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