Writing Guide: How to Find Inspiration for Your Essays

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Finding the right kind of inspiration to write good essays is not always easy. And the whole process can become a bit more complex when writing essays for academic purposes. This is mainly because academic essay writing involves going above and beyond the standard essay norms. And the degree to which the changes occur also tends to change across institutions, regions, and more.

Plus, above the essay writing rules, there is also the perpetually added pressure of one’s performance and grades. All these factors and more can make it difficult for students to produce their best essay work consistently. More so, these factors can also make it harder for students to find any kind of inspiration even to get started. But, where there is a will, there is also a way.

In this article, we will provide you with a writing guide that will help you find inspiration for your essays. But before we jump in, students reading this should also know that they can now take help from various online platforms for their academic work.

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In no particular order, here are 10 ways of finding inspiration for your essays.

1) Brainstorm Ideas

A writer’s block can come at any time and place. Because of it, writers aren’t able to appropriately process their chaotic thoughts into effective words. In such cases, one shouldn’t always try and fight the uphill battle of seeking inspiration or motivation. Instead, they should ride with their pacing minds as there can be a lot of stuff going on in there that can be useful later. Brainstorming is the art of recording one’s random thoughts while they are pondering various subjects or things.

2) Do Some Physical Exercises or Play Some Sport

A lot of top thinkers and doers of the world have often claimed about finding the most inspiration when productively doing something other than the task in which they are stuck. And of all the top productive choices, exercise and sports rank high. This is because when exercising or playing a sport, one’s mind can freely wander and get focused at the same time. This strengthens one’s mental capacity and helps one think differently or more deeply about things. Also, physical exercises can uplift one’s mood.

3) Listen to Some Inspirational Music

There’s no doubt that a majority of people feel most inspired when doing the things they love doing the most. The act of listening to music goes above and beyond this. How? Because music is one aid that can be used individually as well as in conjunction with (doing) other things. Today, students can easily find inspiration through various playlists on streaming platforms that are designed to inspire. One can also switch music genres to match their current moods.

4) Do Some Meditation

Meditation and other mindfulness techniques help people slow down their thoughts, clear their minds, restore their energies, and more. Students can try different types of meditation and mindfulness techniques and practice them during different times of the day. This way, one can find the most effective and quickest techniques that work for them. A good way of getting the most out of meditation and mindfulness practices is by doing it ten to fifteen minutes before writing.

5) Read Random Books, Journals, & Magazines

Several of the best writers who have ever lived have attributed a great deal of their success to their reading habits. Most people say that all the intelligence and wisdom of the world can be captured by and learned from books. Thus, reading various types of books, journals, and magazines can boost one’s overall repertoire of creative ideas and thoughts. When it comes to the benefits of reading for writing, even off-topic reading can help boost one’s overall ability and skill.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

6) Go Through Essay Related Resources

To write the best essays, you must always know all the most basic and intricate requirements of the best essays. In the academic world, rules are constantly changing. As time moves along, institutions tweak their parameters for assessing students. Accordingly, even with essay writing, the rules and tides keep evolving. Reading essay-related resources can boost one’s confidence as one would have current knowledge of what needs to be done and how it needs to be done.

7) Collaborate & Work with Your Friends or Peers

Sitting with others naturally sparks conversations, creative ideas, and more to flow among the people in the group. And this is especially true (and a lot more productive and beneficial) when one sits and converses with a group of like-minded people. Studying in groups can be a useful source of brainstorming ideas, brewing meaningful topics, and more.

8) Reduce the Distractions Around You

Writing is an individual and personal act that generally requires a good deal of concentration, energy, and time. But when there are too many distractions around a person, they will not be able to think and function as effectively or smoothly. This is one of the main reasons why students are always recommended to do their most important writing and tasks in a calm, quiet, and peaceful place.

9) Write in a Different Location, Like in a Café or the Outdoors

Although too many distractions can be detrimental to producing well-written work, a little bit doesn’t hurt anybody. Several pieces of research have found that hearing a bunch of soft sounds periodically can actually boost one’s productivity. For example, a nice, quiet, and comfortable café can offer the right type of sound setting for increased productivity. Students can also discover new locations like a park, riverside, library, and more.

10) Spend Some Time Alone

Spending time alone is an excellent way of boosting one’s inspiration and morale in life. Although similar in terms of overall practice and effects, spending time alone should not be confused with meditation. Spending time alone helps individuals refresh their capacity for thinking and functioning – both physically and mentally. When alone, they can also tap deeper into their mind palace and come out with unique ideas and ways of getting their work done.

The Bottom Line

Yes, writing essays can be tricky at times. But, with the right motivation, approach, and methods of getting it done – the whole process can become a lot easier. For the creative side, there are several things that students can do to boost their content banks. Perhaps the most important advice to those seeking inspiration for essay writing is to practice the above-mentioned tips as much as possible. Because at the end of the day, only practice can make one perfect.

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