Ariana Madix Foreknew Scandoval Affair, Raquel Leviss Alleges in Lawsuit – Vanderpump Rules Cast Involved

REALITY TV. Ariana Madix had a hunch, you know. She ‘knew’ about the whole Scandoval mess way before it hit the fan.

And guess what? She wasn’t the only one. The entire ‘Vanderpump Rules’ cast was in on it, whispers say.

Plot twist: this juicy tidbit might’ve just saved her from getting axed. Yep, the dreaded ‘chopping block.’

Now, Raquel Leviss is spilling the beans. And she’s not holding back, no sir. She’s gone ahead and slapped down an explosive lawsuit.

By Whitney Vasquez. Oh, and just so you know, today’s date? Feb. 29, 2024. Time stamp: Published at 5:00 p.m. ET. Just in case you’re keeping track.