Brandi Glanville Claims Bravo Pressured Her to End 2015 Joanna Krupa Lawsuit Despite High Legal Costs

“Bit the Bullet.” That’s how Brandi Glanville described her decision. She’s throwing some heavy accusations at Bravo.

In a fiery letter, she didn’t hold back. She claimed Bravo pressured her. The goal? To drop a 2015 court battle with Joanna Krupa.

The legal fees were bleeding her dry. Savings? Draining away. And yet, she says, Bravo didn’t care.

Used and abused. That’s how Glanville felt about the whole ordeal. She’s pointing fingers at the big names: NBC, Bravo, Warner Bros., and Shed Media.

Samantha Benitz reported this. The date? February 23, 2024. And it hit the stands at 4:33 p.m. ET.