Kroy Biermann Queries Kim Zolciak’s Designer Bag Sale Profits Amid Foreclosure & IRS Lien Battle

Reality TV drama, folks. Kim Zolciak’s ex, Kroy, he’s got questions. Big ones.

Where did the cash from those fancy designer bags go? You know, the ones they sold. Yeah, that’s what he’s scratching his head about.

They’re duking it out, and not just over the usual stuff. We’re talking foreclosure, a nasty IRS lien. It’s a mess.

So Kroy’s thrown up his hands. He’s asking the court to step in. It’s his Hail Mary amid the divorce battle with Kim.

Reported by Samantha Benitz, by the way. On January 9, 2024. Oh, and she updated her piece at 3:07 p.m. ET, just so you know.