Lenny Hochstein Seeks Gag Order Against Lisa, Claims False Domestic Violence Claims for RHOM Ratings

Lenny Hochstein’s got a bone to pick, and it’s a biggie. He’s shouting from the rooftops for a gag order on his ex, Lisa. Why, you ask? Well, he’s convinced she’s stirring the pot, cooking up domestic violence stories just to spice up the ‘RHOM’ ratings.

It’s a real soap opera, folks. The drama’s unfolding in the courtroom, where Lenny’s practically on his knees. He’s pleading with the judge, begging for Lisa to zip it in their messy divorce saga.

By Whitney Vasquez, that’s me, your trusty reporter on the scene. Mark the date, Jan. 18, 2024. And oh, look at the time! Published sharp at 7:00 p.m. ET. Just in time for your evening gossip fix, huh?