NeNe Leakes’ Son Bryson Challenges Felony Drug Charge, Seeks Evidence from Prosecutors

EXCLUSIVE scoop! NeNe Leakes, remember her from ‘RHOA’? Well, her son Bryson’s in a bit of a pickle. He’s up against a felony drug charge, no less.

The drama unfolded when Bryson allegedly tried to pull a fast one on the cops. Picture this: he gets nabbed for Fentanyl possession. But here’s the kicker – he gives the police his little bro’s name instead of his own.

Now, he’s demanding the prosecutors show their hand. He wants all the evidence they’ve got as he gears up for his legal battle.

By the way, Ryan Naumann’s the one who broke the news. It was a chilly February morning, the 29th to be exact, in 2024. The story hit the stands at 9:30 a.m., sharp. Classic Ryan, always on the ball.