RHOC Star Jennifer Pedranti Discloses Financial Struggles Amid Divorce Battle, Seeks Support

‘RHOC’ sensation Jennifer Pedranti spilled the beans—her wallet’s thin. In the midst of a divorce spat, she’s counting pennies, literally.

She took the stand, folks. Courtroom drama? You bet. Jennifer’s plea? A plea for cash, each month, from the man she once vowed forever with.

By the way, it’s Ryan Naumann with the scoop. February 6, 2024, to be exact. And oh, it was an early bird special—published at the break of dawn, 9:00 a.m. ET.

But get this: she’s not flying solo. Nope. Her boyfriend, Ryan, he’s the lender in her life right now.

A bitter battle, a tug-of-war over dollars and cents. That’s the tea, served hot and fresh.