RHOM Star Lisa Hochstein Battles Ex Lenny in Defamation Case, Refutes Abuse Claims

‘RHOM’ star Lisa Hochstein is in the ring, gloves up. She’s scrapping with her soon-to-be ex, Lenny. The battlefield? Courtroom drama.

She’s throwing a counterpunch, aiming to knock out Lenny’s defamation lawsuit. Her stance? She never cried ‘abuse.’ Nope, she says that was all him.

By Whitney Vasquez. The date? Jan. 31, 2024. Time stamped at 5:00 p.m. ET, fresh off the press.

Lisa’s argument is a haymaker. She’s demanding, with all the might of a reality TV queen, that the judge tosses this case out. Like yesterday’s news.

She’s adamant. Denies every accusation, with a shake of her head and a firm “not me.” She insists Lenny’s the one spreading tales.

It’s a he-said, she-said of Hollywood proportions. And Lisa? She’s not backing down. Not one inch.