Sister Wives’ Garrison Brown Adopts Senior Cat Days Before Tragic Death at 25

Garrison Brown, known from “Sister Wives,” made a heartwarming choice. Just days before his world turned upside down, he adopted a senior cat.

His parents, Janelle and Kody, must’ve been touched. But then, tragedy struck.

At just 25, Garrison’s life came to a shocking halt. Suicide, they whispered.

Samantha Benitz penned the story. It hit the news on March 6, 2024, at half-past noon.

Life’s unpredictable, ain’t it? One moment you’re saving a furry friend, and the next… Well.

Let’s not forget that cat, though. It’s got a tale of its own now, woven into Garrison’s legacy.

Remember, folks, check in on your loved ones. And maybe, just maybe, hug your pets a little tighter tonight.