Trishelle Cannatella Donates $200 to Peppermint’s GoFundMe Amid ‘The Traitors’ Elimination Drama

Reality TV drama alert! “The Traitors” star Trishelle Cannatella did something unexpected. She donated a cool $200 to her co-star Peppermint’s GoFundMe. This happened right after facing a wave of backlash for her elimination.

Trishelle’s not new to the spotlight, you know. She’s an alum of the “Real World.” And she’s been in the thick of it before.

But this time, it’s a bit different. She’s reaching out, trying to mend fences with the “Drag Race” icon, Peppermint. After all that recent drama, it’s a gesture, right?

Reported by none other than Aaron Johnson. The date? Jan. 15, 2024. And get this, it was published bright and early at 7:00 a.m. ET. Who’s up that early? Aaron, apparently.