Vanderpump Rules’ Peter Madrigal Reveals Why He’s Missing from Season 11 – Declined Low-Pay Offer

“REALITY TV.” The phrase alone conjures up images of drama and confessionals. But here’s the scoop: “Vanderpump Rules” star Peter Madrigal spilled some tea recently.

He claims he turned down an offer. To appear in Season 11, that is. And the reason? Well, it’s a bit of a shocker.

They wanted him for virtually nothing. Yep, nada. As in, Bravo was hoping he’d show up on the show for free. Can you believe it?

Samantha Benitz reported this tidbit on March 5, 2024. Published precisely at 4:00 p.m. ET, if you’re curious about the timing.

So, it wasn’t his choice to be MIA. Peter Madrigal explained this himself. He’ll be missing in action (MIA) on the upcoming season of ‘VPR’.

And that’s the latest from the world of reality TV. Unexpected, huh?