Aussie celebs that are spinning our imaginations

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We know their faces well, especially given the boom in starring opportunities for Australian acting talents. But sometimes they can still surprise us with intriguing revelations and activities, pulling back the curtain on the movie industry, providing fans and followers with a more genuine look at their personalities.

There are some who show us their natural side, others keen to give an insightful view of the movie industry itself, and even a few who indicate a merging of their on-screen and off-screen activities. But most of all, they are capable of capturing our imaginations by showing us a different or unique side of their nature beyond the fame and celebrity status.

Reasons why Tammin Sursok lost her Aussie accent

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One of a cherished generation of Australian acting talents after growing up in the country, Tammin Sursok has become a familiar face in popular TV shows and movies. Nevertheless, ever since making a name for herself in Hollywood circles, many fans back home are wondering what happened to her accent, which tends to lean towards American these days.

Most famous for the recurring role of Jenna Marshall in mystery drama Pretty Little Liars, which ran between 2010 and 2017, Sursok has now revealed why she had to ditch her beloved Australian accent. According to comments highlighted by digital outlet News in June 2023, she pointed out that it was all about keeping her job, when cast with an important role in The Young and the Restless back in 2007.

“I was taking over a character who is very American. They almost fired me because my Australian accent kept coming in and out,” explained Sursok, who also followed the advice of her husband, filmmaker Sean McEwan. “Be like Russell Crowe, just be method,” was the advice of her partner, which led to her speaking with an American accent in her day-to-day life, hence gradually losing the Australian intonations and articulations.

Chris Hemsworth conquering the gaming space

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Having enjoyed a meteoric rise to stardom, Chris Hemsworth is arguably most famous as Marvel superhero Thor, providing him with a key role throughout this expansive movie franchise. Beyond the silver screen, his likeness has now become synonymous with the iconic and cherished comic book character, now that his face and physique have burst their way into the online casino gaming arena. 

Indeed, featuring prominently in Thor: The Mighty Avenger, which is one of the most popular real money pokies at casino sites reviewed and rated by Gamble Online Australia, it’s fair to say that Hemsworth is now generating an entirely different kind of fandom. This one features the spinning reels, as players aim to unlock bonus features and jackpot prizes, all to the backdrop of his unique voice and visual appearance.

But it’s not the first time Hemsworth adapted his acting talents to gaming. While quite the fan of gaming himself, the Aussie superstar inevitably featured in Thor: God of Thunder by Sega, then Lego Dimensions and even Ghostbusters just a few years later. In 2021, there was also a video of his gaming exploits that went viral, when Hemsworth demonstrated impressive Thor-like dexterity and strength, punching and kicking a speed ball at an amusement games arcade.

Miranda Otto wowed by female talents

Boasting a vastly extensive career in acting, dating back to her first cinematic appearance with Emma’s War in 1986, Miranda Otto has undoubtedly experienced pretty much everything the movie industry has to offer. Nevertheless, the Australian actress can still find herself surprised from time to time, and that certainly appears to be the case throughout the most recent production shot in Victoria.

Becoming the first Australian series to be launched via the Disney+ streaming platform, The Clearing features an all-star cast of notable Aussie talents, although there was much more to production that impressed Otto. “There was a really strong creative team of women involved, that really gave me a thrill,” she enthused with pride, during an interview at the WHO website. This highlights an important shift in what has typically been a male-dominated industry.

Otto plays the leader of a fictional cult, albeit one inspired by an actual real-life Australian cult which rose to notoriety outside Melbourne, from the 1960s and through to the 1980s. But insofar as the production itself is concerned, the exceptional work of her female colleagues indicates that Australia is leading the way, as more women take prominent creative and leadership roles behind the camera.

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