Personalisation in Online Casino Interfaces: Tailoring the Experience to Individual Players

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Do you know that iGaming platforms are under fierce competition? And if to be exact, they are not the only ones: game developers are working extra hard to attract players and keep them engaged as well. The harsh reality, however, is that most players in New Zealand and many other parts of the globe churn immediately after trying a game. Retention is decaying, and according to recent stats, only 10% of participants usually complete several gaming rounds instead of roaming around the gambling lobby and launching every second title.

Fortunately, savvy operators such as the famed Bruce Bet online casino have found a way out. They now offer games that interact with and guide players through optimal gaming while providing in-app purchases and displaying relevant ads. These personalised iGaming platforms tailor the in-game experience and outreach to attract new members and retain their current players. Keep reading to discover how personalisation enhances individual player experiences.

A Quick Overview of Personalisation and Customisation

Customisation of iGaming platforms refers to gameplay-impacting options that adjust various elements to suit the preferences and needs of individual players. The process may involve adjusting settings, features, and visual aspects to suit a user’s preferences.

On the other hand, personalisation primarily involves the aesthetic choices that impact a specific player’s in-game character. The practice tailors a player’s individual gaming experience based on their preferences, behaviours, and history. To accomplish this, gambling operators that operate virtually leverage data and technology to provide users with a more personalised and relevant interaction.

Interestingly, personalisation is not just about gameplay-related impact or in-game benefits, as many people may assume. So, why do gamers prioritise platforms that offer personalised elements even though this customisation isn’t solely about increased payout potentials or bonus perks? Find out in the next sections.

Why Personalise?

The visitor-website interaction must be as seamless as possible. Operators can do so much to meet each user’s wants and behaviours. But all these won’t be effective if the UX isn’t designed to appear unique for respective gamers.

Imagine a scenario where a seasoned player comes across a new iGaming platform. The site’s pleasing visual aesthetics and interactive features might deliver a positive experience. However, only personalised elements provide a sense of familiarity. In this case, the gaming site should quickly learn from the user’s behaviour.

For example, if the player is interested in pokies, the platform’s UX should adapt and customise their next visit accordingly. The site will leverage the user’s behavioural insights to create a unique recommendations section customised to their needs. Users will find games in their favourite genre on the initial page and avoid the potential navigation hurdles of trying to sift through games that they don’t like in the first place.

What Personalised Elements Are Truly Important?

Online casino personalisation essentially revolves around the following crucial elements:

Game Recommendations

Part of online casino interface personalisation involves recommending specific games based on the player’s preferences, playing history, and behaviour on the platform. This element enhances the experience by reducing the time players spend searching for relevant titles.


These are acquired graphics that replace the game’s default visuals. The personalised elements allow users to apply skins to the in-game items, interface, characters, and background. Moreover, they can switch between their preferred skins and explore a menu of options throughout the gaming lobby.

Tailored Incentives

Gaming sites also offer unique bonuses and promotions customised for individual players. These consumables reflect a patron’s gaming habits and preferences. Thus, online casinos can analyse betting patterns, favourite games, or preferred genres of a particular player to offer bonuses and promotions that resonate with their interests to boost participation.


Several gambling titles require gamers to leverage their capabilities. Personalisation comes through, in this case, with its numerous approaches to designing talent trees. Participants can, therefore, pick the attributes that align with their progress strategy.


Nothing beats the experience of creating a unique character while playing a gambling game over the Internet. Thus, online casino operators allow gamers to adjust their avatars’ physical appearance to boost engagement. These personalisation options include hair colour, skin tone, and facial features. Moreover, players should be able to dress up the avatar in various outfits that reflect their personality or mood.

Specialised Tournaments and Events

Personalisation allows operators to design specialised tournaments and events particular casino users that involve only their preferred game genres and themes. Organising events centred around specific interests helps the platforms nurture a sense of community among members with similar preferences.

Progress Tracking

Progress tracking features allow users of one platform to monitor their achievements and milestones. This element showcases a player’s journey, including levels, badges, or completed challenges. Participants also get a visual representation of their gaming history in the lobby. These factors are vital in delivering a more immersive experience for patrons.

It’s All About the Player

As you can see, personalisation is a powerful design feature for online casino platforms. For sure, players deserve a sense of familiarity whenever they access any gambling website, no matter their preferences, and thankfully, the savviest operators have their ears on the ground. They apply all the tricks in the book to customise their interfaces to deliver enjoyable and engaging experiences for different types of users.

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